Tulipmania from Designers Guild

0180 Report

    The collection of this Autumn-Winter season 2017 from Designers Guild - Tulipa Stellata is amazing, bright and inimitable. It combines unique textures, delicious flowers and modern damask, presented in a rich palette of colors.

    Inspiration was the modest bulb of the tulip, which was once more valuable than gold and five times more expensive than the cost of the house. Originally from Turkey, the tulip was first introduced to Europe from Constantinople at the beginning of the 17th century during the time of the Ottoman Empire. A rare and unusual bulb was very much in demand in the Dutch society. The tulip symbolized success and prosperity, radiating exotics and nobility, all that was pervaded by the Dutch culture. Tulipanomania originated in the time of the Golden Age, when the love of art really began to take root. This was an unusual moment in history, which influenced the creation of a rich collection of prints this season.


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