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History of The Royal Collection - the official collection of the Royal Court of Great Britain - originates in Buckingham, the official residence of the Kings. The first collection was created in 2008 based on the designs of fabrics and other elements of the palace interior. In 2009 the Royal Collection was for Windsor Castle - the country residence of the royal family. Luster of silk and gold embroidery are stored, and the colors and shades of fabrics are becoming more sophisticated, muted. And this tale does not end: in 2010, the light appears a new collection, inspired by the work of Queen Charlotte and interiors of Frogmore House - another royal country residence, known for its magnificent park and refined interior.

In honor of the 60th anniversary of the reign of Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain - Queen Elizabeth II, company Designers Guild has released a new collection of Elizabeth textiles, which managed to conquer everybody with its beauty and elegance.


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The Royal Collection